The Future Requires Innovation

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The Future Requires Innovation

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Careers at HAVAYAR

HAVAYAR, as the youngest and largest company in the air and gas industry, believes that it is human capital that...


In order to defend the rights of customers and to respond to their demands and needs, HAVAYAR has set up a communication unit with customers...

After sale Service

As the youngest and largest company in the air and gas industry,HAVAYAR believes that it is human capital that...

3 communication areas

HAVAYAR is trying to provide communication solutions with the society so that all people have available the appropriate methods for cooperation.

Communication Scope
3 Steps

HAVAYAR provide a dynamic work environment where everyone is empowered to think, take initiative and be innovative, and finally to

Careers at HAVAYAR

HAVAYAR provide a dynamic work environment where everyone is empowered to think, take initiative and be innovative, and finally to …

After sale Service

After-Sale Services As One Of The Most Effective Elements Of Industry And Trade May Have A Great Role In Development Of …


Simultaneous With Growth Of Customers And Differentiating The Competitors And Defense Of Rights Of Consumers, Producing And Offering …

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With the support of more than twenty years of hard work and committed activity in the field of producing all kinds of air compressors, gas compressors, turboexpanders, industrial gases and auxiliary equipments, Havayar Company responds to the diverse and up-to-date needs of domestic industries.


The best Iranian company, the leader in the production and supply of products and services, in the world class.

Business Units

As one of the largest and best manufacturers and suppliers of compressed air equipment according to the world’s technology, Havayar Company started its activity in Iran in September 1998 and with the help of internal and external consultants, the quality level of its products is at the highest level. possible

Today, compressed air is used as the fourth source of energy after electricity, water and gas in various industries including oil, gas and petrochemical, mining, food, automobile, textile, health and many other industries. Unique advantages such as being able to be stored, the ability to convert to higher pressures and the ability to be used at high temperatures, have played a significant role in the development, use and operation of compressed air systems.


Air separation is mostly used in industries where non-stop production of gases in the atmosphere is the criterion. This system produces a large amount of oxygen, nitrogen and argon gases in liquid and gas forms.


Havayar Training Center is a leader in designing, planning and conducting operational and practical training programs required by the country's industries


As one of the most important and effective elements of industry and trade, after-sales service can play an important role in the development of any company. Therefore, creating a culture in providing desirable services and products and achieving customer satisfaction is one of the actions included in the agenda of this group for customer orientation.

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Integrated Management System Policy
In order to increase the satisfaction of all stakeholders, comply with legal requirements, preserve the environment, increase the safety and professional health of employees, and increase the quality and after-sales services of its products, Havayar has established an integrated management system.
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