Organizational departments of Havayar

Havayar company includes different departments to serve customers.

Engineering compressor (oil and gas)

Design, engineering, provision and commissioning of services and packages of precision instruments compressed air is carried out by engineering compressors department.

Industrial gas

The Industrial Gases Sales Department has been established with the aim of operating in the oil and gas industry market, such as EPC projects and Air Separation packages including nitrogen, oxygen, argon, hydrogen and carbon dioxide by PSA, Membrane and Cryogenic methods.

Gas process compressor

Gas process compressors (centrifugal and reciprocating) comply with API 617 and API 618 standards and are supplied as complete and customized packages to work in a wide range of applications.

Turbomachinery and cryogenic pump

Turbomachinery sales department has been established with the aim of operating on the oil and gas market such as EPC projects, utility packages, special turbomachines with a focus on types of turbo expanders (air/gas), centrifugal air compressors based on API and special hydrocarbon pumps such as cryogenic pumps.

Medical Equipment

The medical equipment department of Havayar Company started its work by selling medical air to medical centers in 2016 and after a short period of time, it managed to obtain a medical manufacturing license from the General Department.

Industrial compressor

The mission of the industrial compressors’ department is to produce and sell all types of Oil Injected and Oil Free compressed air compressors from aeration 2m3/min to 45m3/min, absorption and refrigeration dryers, complete filtration of compressed air, pressure tanks and water trap

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In order to defend the rights of customers and to respond to their demands and needs, Hawayar has set up a communication department with customers.