Process Compressor

Gas process compressors (centrifugal and reciprocating) are offered as full and tailored packages to operate in a variety of applications and adhere to API 617 and API 618 specifications.


To fulfill the needs of various power, capacity, and pressure projects, centrifugal compressors based on API 617 can be provided with an electric motor and turbine and supplied with sophisticated control systems. The maximum pressure of these compressors is 200 bar and the maximum suction capacity can be 480,000 m3/hr.



These compressors are made in line with API 618’s most recent revision and can operate in both lubricated and oil-free modes. These models are based on global design and construction standards, codes, and client specifications. Reciprocating compressors can provide the necessary pressure, volume and consumption required by the customer.


1.    Engineering 

  • Feasibility and preliminary design
  • Technical analysis of the project
  • Preparing technical and commercial proposals for customers

2.    Sales 

  • Cost analysis of customer research, current market conditions and competitor information
  • Analysis and review of sales effectiveness, methods, costs and results, regular monitoring of the company’s sales and distributors’ performance
  • Management of the entire sales process

3.    Project Service 

  • Project Management
  • Cost-effectiveness, claim management, schedule management, knowledge of contract and bill of parts, customer satisfaction
  • Project Control
  • Project coordination

4.    Customer Service

  • Spare parts support
  • technical support
  • Supervision of establishment and installation
  • Pre-launch and launch

5. Pre-commissioning and commissioning