As the industry’s youngest and largest firm, Havayar believes that human capital is what drives the company’s long-term competitive edge.

Recruiting and hiring process

(CV review, phone interview, specialized interview, human resources interview, information validation, CEO approval)

Havayar company invites qualified candidates to work in Tehran office (Vanak) and Karaj office (Baharestan Industrial City). Applicants can send their resume to or via WhatsApp to 09128198840 with the job title in the subject.


A system of fundamental values has guided all the company's activities over time; The key values of Havayar are: empathy, work conscience, commitment to quality, organizational learning, professional ethics and respect for customer rights.

Recruiting and hiring process
Cooperation opportunities
  1. Process design engineer

    Educational requirements: Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in chemical engineering

    Qualification: performing the process design of compressed air packages, nitrogen generators, oxygen generators, heat exchangers, and air and gas dryers.

    Place: Tehran office (Vanak)

  2. Accounting expert

    Educational requirements: Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in accounting

    Accreditation conditions: performing all financial affairs, including registration of documents in audit accounting, individuals and companies/ preparation of financial reports (including balance sheet, profit and loss, expenses, etc.)/ control of payments and receipts/ account control and resolution of discrepancies/ Issuing invoices, and archiving documents according to the principles of archiving, etc./ Calculating and doing things related to salaries and wages, as well as insurance and salary taxes

    Place of service: Tehran office (Vanak)

  3. Marketing expert

    Education Requirements: Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree: Preferably MBA Marketing Management

    Qualification: complete mastery of B2B approach marketing/ mastery of data collection methods and market information analysis/ ability to develop marketing and sales planning (agencies)/ ability to plan, implement and control marketing actions/ ability to produce content/ ability Formulation of communication and advertising policies/ presentation of managerial and decision-making reports

    Place: Tehran office (Vanak)

  4. Educational services sales expert (B2B)

    Education requirements: Bachelor’s and Master’s: preferably in marketing management

    Qualification: Full info of marketing and sales of educational services and products/ familiarity with various types of training courses in industries/ ability to archive and manage documents and documents/ familiarity with the implementation of training courses (face-to-face and online)/ relevant work experience in companies, institutions Educational and companies organizing national and international seminars and conferences

    Place: Tehran office (Vanak)

  5. Industrial drawing expert

    Educational requirements: Bachelor’s degree: industrial drawing

    Qualification: Full info of the design of industrial parts and equipment/ familiarity with design and drawing standards ANSI, ASME, DIN, ISO/ ability to read and review technical drawings/ correct measurement of parts and familiarity with measurement methods/ familiarity with the methods and process of making and knowing the materials/mastering inventor, solid work, auto cad software

    Place: Tehran office (Vanak)

  6. Mechanical engineer (fixed equipment)

    Educational: Bachelor’s and Master’s: Mechanical Engineering

    Qualification: design of pressure vessels/preparation of executive plans and construction/preparation of BOM for construction and assembly of equipment/preparation of executive documents and procedures and equipment testing/participation in executive affairs and equipment testing/preparation of engineering documents/familiarity with engineering standards (ASME) , API, … )/ Familiarity with mechanical calculations (design of pressure vessels and heat exchangers) / Familiarity with absorption processes and PSA equipment / Familiarity with popping and relevant standards / Inventor, PV-elito and auto cad specialized software

    Place: Tehran office (Vanak) and Karaj office (Baharestan Industrial Town)

  7. Mechanical engineer (rotating equipment)

    Educational requirements: Bachelor’s and Master’s: Mechanical Engineering – Fluids

    Qualification: Full info of screw compressors and issues related to their setup/ performing mechanical and process calculations and familiarity with related mechanical software/ preparation of engineering documents/ familiarity with performing fluid calculations/ familiarity with compressor standards/ familiarity with fluid calculations/ familiarity with CFD / Inventor, solid work and auto cad specialized software

    Place: Tehran office (Vanak) and Karaj office (Baharestan Industrial Town)
  8. Systems and methods expert

    Educational: Bachelor’s and Master’s: Industrial Engineering / Industrial Management

    Qualification: Full info of BPM business process management topics and organization and organization and the ability to model processes with BPMN / modeling business processes and defining efficiency and effectiveness indicators of processes / ability to implement defined processes / performing activities related to document management / mastering the ISO9001 standard / and familiarity with ISO45001 and ISO14001 standards and quality tools / familiarity with one of the BPM software such as Visual Paradigm or BPMS

    Place: Karaj office (Baharestan industrial town)

  9. Programming and control expert

    Educational requirements: Bachelor’s and Master’s degree: Electrical Engineering (Control/ Electronics/ Power)

    Qualification: programming of Siemens control systems/ programming of Omron, Allen Bradley control systems/ mastery of Siemens control systems/ familiarity with Omron, Allen-Bradley control systems/ precision instrument engineering and control documents/ control engineering and precision instruments and preparation and supervision of relevant documents/ familiarity with DCS is an advantage.

    Ability to send on missions (between 3 and 15 days per month)

    Place: Karaj office (Baharestan industrial town)

  10. Technical supply and purchase expert

    Educational requirements: Bachelor’s degree: Mechanical and metallurgical engineering

    Qualification: This job is related to the supply and purchase of specialized equipment for compressors and compressed air: proficient in the methods of selecting and evaluating authorized contractors (measurement of contractor capacity)/ proficient in the processes of preparing and adjusting contracts and conducting financial affairs of contracts/ planning Coordination and supervision in the system of sending and receiving goods from contractors

    Place: Karaj office (Baharestan industrial town)

  11. Assembling the work of the electrical panel

    Educational requirements: diploma and associate degree in electricity

    Qualification: Full info of assembling all kinds of industrial switchboards, including distribution and control and capacitor banks

    Place: Karaj office (Baharestan industrial town)