After-Sale Services

Customer Satisfaction Is The Precondition For All Next Successes.

After-Sale Services As One Of The Most Effective Elements Of Industry And Trade May Have A Great Role In Development Of Any Company. Thus, Culturalization In Presenting Desirable Services And Goods And Achieving The Satisfaction Of Customers Is Among The Measures That Have Been Included In Agenda Of This Group Toward Customer-Centrism. 

Proper After-Sale Services Guarantee Remaining At Market. We Are Of This Opinion That The Ground For Sale Of The First Equipment Is Established Through Sale Department. However, For Sale Of Next Equipment, After-Sale Services Unit Plays A Prominent Role. In Case Low Attention Is Paid To The Concept Of After-Sale Services, The Market That Has Been Achieved Difficultly Will Be Lost And Re-Penetration To These Markets Is Much More Difficult Than The Primary Entrance.

Since Building Trust Should Be Regarded As The Most Important Concern In The Realm Of After-Sale Services, Having Developed Proper Approaches For Increase Of Speed And Quality Of Services And Decreases Of Period For Realization, We Have Tried Utmost To Meet The Full Satisfaction Of Customers And Their Building Trust. 

For This Purpose And For Optimized Operation Toward Customer-Centrism Of The Plan For Division Of Regions Has Been Put Into Effect. This Project Has Been Developed Aiming At Creation Of Sense Of Being Distinguished And Respecting The Customers And Achievement Of More Trust By Customers And Benefiting From Great Services By The Customers.

Considering The Above Statements, Internal Organizing Has Been Made Based On Provisional Regions. Each Region Is Covered By The Respective Supervisor That Established Direct Relation With Its Customers And Plays A Prominent Role In Follow Up Of And Responding To All Requests Indicated By Customers By Considering The Professional Criteria Of Customer-Centrism And Protecting The Rights Of The Customers. 

In Order To Provide Useful Services Of The Highest Quality, Technical Experts Of This Unit Constantly Undergo Scientific, Applicable And Technical Training As Well. The Quality Of Their Performance For Serving The Customers Is Evaluated For Supervision And Control Of Central System Of After-Sale Services.

Details Of Activities

Considering The Plan Of Respecting The Customers, Havayar Industrial Group Has Hired The Best Experts And Specialists Of The Nation, Offering The Required Services To Customers Within The Shortest Period Every Day And Different Places Across The Nation As Follows:
  1. Startup And Delivery
  2. Repair And Maintenance
  3. Repair Services
  4. Conclusion Of Contract For Service And Maintenance
  5. Providing The Services In Sale And Supply Of Spare-Parts Of Equipment

Startup And Delivery Of Equipment

Dispatch Of Experts Is Made Through Guarantee Within The Shortest Time For Startup Of All Products Of The Company As The First Step To Provide The Required Services. 

Further To The Written Request Of Customers For Conformity Of Requested Conditions In Form Of Guarantee Requirements And Standard Conditions For Installation And Startup, The Technicians Are Dispatched And Startup Operations Are Taken Immediately. During Startup Process Of The Equipment, The Dispatched Technicians Will Act Up Training For Work With Equipment And Teach The Required Items To Customers As Well. 

It Should Be Noted That In Case The Interval Between Purchase Of The Equipment And Startup Of The Said Equipment Exceeds Six Months, The Said Equipment Will Be Serviced By The Technician Of After-Sale Services Before Startup. Under These Conditions, Filters, Oil And Electromotor’s Ball-Bearings Will Be Replaced By Receiving Certain Cost.

Repair And Maintenance


At Today’s Competitive Market, One Of The Most Effective Elements To Choose And Purchase A Product Is A Valid Guarantee. Nowadays, Guarantee Is Not Only A Tag Or An Advertising Motto.The Customers Are Fully Aware Of Their Rights More Than Ever. Thus Supplying Companies Consider The Guarantee As A Competitive Means And In Order To Maintain And Promote Their Share At Market, They Spare No Effort To Promote The Quality Of Their Services. 
Guarantee Of The Condensed Air Products Will Be According To Routine Sale Contract Given As 18 Months As Of Date Of Delivery Of Goods To Customers Or One Year After Startup Of The Equipment And/Or 1000 Working Hours Each Proceeds. During The Guarantee Period, After-Sale Services Unit Is Obligated To Provide Timely Services And To Remove Probable Defects Of Equipment And Timely Delivery Of Goods In Form Of Guarantee.

Routine Contract Of Periodic Service Is Service, Maintenance And Inspection Of Equipment On Periodic Basis Every 30 Days Within One Year As Of Conclusion Date Of Contract. 

In Case Of Inclination Of Customers, Duration Of Contract And Contractual Conditions Will Be Changed. 

At The Request Of Customers, The Said Contract May Be Concluded Periodically Every Two, Three Or Four Months.


Support Guarantee For After-Sale Services Is For Ten Years. 
After-Sale Services Unit Will Be With Customers During Guarantee And Warrantee Period. It Tries Utmost To Induce The Sense Of Trust To Customers Through Proper Responding Method And Follow Up Of The Case Repeatedly Through The End As Requested By Customers. Dispatch Of Experts, Troubleshooting And Removing Technical Defects, Supply Of Consuming And Spare-Parts And Technical Consultation If Needed Are Among The Measures Taken To Materialize The Demands Of Customers. 

One Of The Suggestive Services Of This Unit Is Periodic Service Contract That Informs The Customers Of The Advantages Of This Contract At Different Stages By Different Sale And After-Sale Services.


  1. Training Of Employer: Presenting The Required Information To Operator Personnel For Optimized Operation Of Equipment And Urgent Recommendations For Prevention Of Damage Of Equipment

  2. Referral To The Site Of The Factory Every Thirty Days And Inspection Of The Said Equipment And Repair And Service Of The Said Equipment If Needed

  3. In Case The Equipment Halts And Production Line At The Factory Is Disturbed Due To Accidental And Unexpected Problem, Immediate Referral Will Be Made Through The Contact Of The Employer With The Contractor Beyond The Periodic Plan As Extra Service In Return For Cost.

  4. Presenting Report On Work And Details Of Repairs Made Per Each Shift For Information Of The Employer With Function Of Compressors.

  5. Presenting The List Of Required Parts And Accessories For Probable Repairs And Introducing Newly Produced Equipment

  6. Replacement Of Filters And Consuming Tools As Per Timetable.

  7. Replacement Of Worn-Out And Defective Parts If The Spare-Part Is Available At The Factory Of Customers.

  8. Removing Oil Leaks And Air Leakages

  9. Examination Of Electrical Panel And Check Of Control Circuits, Power And Periodic Inspection Of Terminals And Ampere Of Electrometer

  10. Complete Test Of Equipment After Performing All Operations

Installation & Commissioning

HAVAYAR Co. is able to offer an installation and commissioning service to customers of Our Compressor, Gas Generator and ASU Packages .Experienced engineers lead from foundation control to commissioning any work to establish a new compressor plant.

To ensure a high uptime of your equipment, it often is of utmost importance to limit the time needed for installation & commissioning of either spare parts or a complete installation, especially in such situations you want the assurance that equipment is correctly installed, so that you can resume full operations reliably within the shortest possible interval.

Where we supply equipment, we can carry out all of the installation and associated works as a full turnkey service or as required.