Oil & Gas Compressor

Designing, engineering, supplying and Commissioning of Service and instrument compressed air packages are implemented by Engineered Compressor department. Managing Initial and maintenance costs along with saving energy as the most important concerns of the clients are our main mission. The role of our certified experts is focusing on different industries such as oil and gas, Power Plants, Steel, mineral, automotive, Glass etc. and provide solutions in a vast array of industries. With deep expertise we propose the best suggestion with considering the conditions in that specific industry.


The pioneer clients are looking for specialized and engineered support, the most important task of engineered compressor department is meet this expectancy and proposing specialized air packages based on client’s demands. Following the client’s spec beside many different experiments and references is leaded us to be unique in provision of services. Our scope includes numerous steps from basic design to turnkey projects. We accompany the client from the bid stage till commissioning. We can design a custom package or modify a standard package specific to the customer’s need.

Our services include detail engineering, project managing, construction and test, commissioning and training. The designing is based on different standards such as API, ASME, DIN and etc in different areas based on the client’s spec.

We offer a full range of air compressors such as centrifugal, screw (oil free, oil injected, water injected) and reciprocating. Carrying out full range of products enable us to propose optimum suggestion considering required specification and reasonable budgetary estimation

Our hard-earned reputation for quick and responsive customer service and distributor support makes our offer the ideal choice for most applications in many industries.

Advantages & Specification

  1. Reliability
  2. Quick response
  3. High quality
  4. Short delivery time
  5. Original goods via direct connection with main manufacturer
  6. Proposing the best offer based on the client’s demands