Industrial compressor

The goal of the industrial compressor department is to manufacture and market a range of oil-injected and oil-free compressed air compressors with aeration rates ranging from 2 m3/min to 45 m3/min (15KW to 315KW), absorption and refrigeration dryers, full compressed air filters, pressure tanks, and water traps.
The department’s customer now exceeds 4,000 businesses due to the breadth and diversity of sectors that use screw compressors. Some of the industries this unit serves as a customer include textile, pharmaceutical, automobile, steel, food industry, printing and packaging, ceramic tile, and cosmetics.
One of the important goals of the industrial compressor department is to have a stable and continuous presence in the domestic markets of the country, to meet the needs of customers with the highest standards and technologies of the world, and most importantly, to satisfy them so that customers are ambassadors of our brand in the industry.