Havayar training center is certified by Iran Technical Training Organization, National standard organization & national oil company.
We are the most important brand in rotary equipment fields because of the followings:

  • Quickly and accurately presenting training courses.
  • Training facility/workshops
  • Achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.
  • Fully-trained instructors.


Many customers may want to go one step further and apply for training courses specially tailored to their processes and products. Havayar Training Center is fully prepared to design and implement special courses in cooperation with its members through extensive communication with those customers and obtaining the necessary information about their working conditions. These courses can be held at Havayar Training Center as well as on the customer’s site. Such courses are not only perfectly suited to the needs of our respectable customers, but also cost-effective in terms of their educational expenses. 


The professors and instructors of Havayar Training Center, with years of practical and operational experience, provide customers with their scientific, technical and specialized knowledge, and ensure that the training will enhance their individual and professional skills and ultimately their performance in the workplace.


Another advantage of our courses is to satisfy the customer’s training needs in the shortest possible time and in line with the actual constraints of our customers’ time. Take this advantage into account. 


The center, in order to enhance the participants’ learning, can provide a fully operational and practical training on request of the customer, using appropriate technical and educational equipment tailored to the customer’s products.
The educational facilities of Havayar Training Center are as follows:
1. An educational conference room for 30 people with all audiovisual facilities
2. A conference hall with the capacity of 60 people for holding general and specialized scientific and educational seminars
3. Modern and well-equipped workshops for holding general and specialized training courses in the fields of compressors, compressed air and CNG


The center is licensed by the Iranian Technical and Vocational Training Organization to establish and hold workshops, and can provide a reputable certificate from the aforesaid organization for technical experts in addition to its own exclusive official certification. 


Attending the training courses at Havayar Training Center provides this opportunity for the companies’ experts to significantly reduce the maintenance costs for their technical equipment if training is properly put into practice. 

Training on the commissioning and Operating Havayar Products, Exclusively for Havayar Customers:

The process of holding training courses on the guarantee, commission , and operation of Havayar products, specially designed for the customers:

Havayar Training Center offers customers a diverse range of training courses, tailor-made for its products. These courses, which can be held both at the customer’s site and at Havayar manufacturing site, are planned and implemented to share knowledge and experience with customers and establish stronger scientific and educational links with the technical staff. 

The process is that after products are purchased from Havayar and the setup and equipping process is completed, the customer’s technical representatives are formally invited to attend the training course and after the completion of the training, the participants will be honored to receive the “Operation Certificate”. 

This certificate will be valid for two years.   


•    Screw/reciprocating/centrifugal compressors

•    Nitrogen/ Oxygen generators (full package)

•    Industrial pumps

•    Air dryers

•    Compressors/Pumps test and inspections (pre-installation)