The second Iran Gas Training Seminar

The second Iran Gas Training Seminar

We are happy to have hosted The second Iran Gas Training Seminar on industrial gases in Iran during two days, where senior managers and process experts from all over the Iranian industry gathered to increase their operational and experimental performance.

In this seminar, the participants had a wonderful learning journey including five technical training courses in the fields of maintenance and repair of process unit equipment and experienced a year’s worth of learning in two exhilarating days.

Seminar Topics:

Flare Gas Recovery Systems

  • Recent environmental concerns & policies with respect to global warming
  • Gas Flaring – A Burden or Necessity!?
  • Basics of Gas Flaring and Venting
  • Flaring in Oil & Gas Industry Value Chain
  • Reasons of Flaring – Necessity
  • Gas Flaring in perspective
  • Flare Pollutants’ Health Effects
  • Environmental Concerns of Flaring
  • Zero Routine flaring by 2030
  • World Bank GFRR Partnership
  • Global Flaring
  • Regional Flaring
  • Flare Types and Components
  • What is Flare Gas System in oil and gas industry?
  • What are the main components of a Flare system?
  • FGR Technologies (compressor system, ejector / educator system)
  • Flare gas utilization technologies (gas to power, gas to liquid)
  • FGR – Key Decision Drivers
  • FGR Project Examples
  • Case Studies

Hydrogen production system by Steam Reformer method and its purification by PSA method

  • Introduction and Principals
  • H2 Production Steam Reforming Method (Over View)
  • Desulfurization Section
  • Steam Mixing Point and Reformer
  • Shift Reactor
  • Steam Generation Section
  • PSA Section
  • Fuel System
  • PFD Review

Investigating and troubleshooting process problems of the Hydrogen production System using the Steam Reformer method and purifying it using the PSA method

  • Introduction of H2 Unit
  • Feed Desulfurization Section
  • Reformer & Reaction Section
  • Steam Generation and Waste Heat Recovery Section
  • Hydrogen Purification Section
  • Start-up of Unit
  • Shutdown of Unit
  • Introduction of PSA Package
  • Postures of PSA Operation
  • Valves of Each Absorber
  • PSA Process Sequences

Production of Oxygen and Nitrogen by Cryogenic and PSA methods

  • Introduction
  • General application of N2 and O2
  • General User
  • Quality of N2 and O2
  • Nitrogen & Oxygen production method
  • Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA)
  • Membrane Unit
  • Cryogenic Air Separation Unit (ASU)
  • Overview of Cryogenic Air Separation Unit
  • Air Separation Unit
  • MAC & BAC system
  • Pre-cooling system
  • Purification system
  • Cold Box
  • Turbo Expander
  • Storage Tank
  • Vaporizer
  • PFD & P&ID Review of ASU package (N2 & O2 plant)

Troubleshooting and repair points of oxygen and nitrogen production by cryogenic method

  • Overview for ASU Process and Related Equipment
  • Operation and Maintenance Topics for:
  • Pretreatment system
  • Purification system
  • Cold Box
  • Expander unit
  • Backup system
  • Overview for Safety Topics

In The second Iran Gas Training Seminar, more than 100 experts and managers of process units, consulting engineers, oil, refining, petrochemical, and steel industries were present.

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