Customer relationship management

ارتباط با مشتریان

Havayar has established a customer communication unit in order to protect customers’ rights and respond to their demands and requirements.

Customer relationship management goals:

  1. Continuously improving the quality of products and services to meet the full satisfaction of customers
  2. Investigating customer complaints and requests in the shortest possible time
  3. Establishing continuous relationship and interaction with customers

Customer relationship management and complaint investigation:

  • Phone: +98(21) 88202424 Ext.: 2
  • Mobile: +98(912) 8077599 and +98(912)9590195 (call and WhatsApp)

You can send us your requests, criticisms, suggestions and complaints through the customer voice system so that our experts can handle them as soon as possible. Click on the link below to complete the relevant form.

Logging into the customer voice system: sending a request to communicate with the after-sales service  units, sending a request Metadata.