Board message

Havayar has expanded tremendously in recent years as one of the youngest and largest enterprises in the air and gas industry. This expansion is the result of inventive initiatives and an entrepreneurial attitude. We have always been devoted to innovation and have kept up with the development of new technologies over the past several decades (since the company’s inception in 1998), in order to keep our competitive edge in the market and take larger steps for development.

According to the company’s business model, we have created more competence and stability in our management structure. Vision of Havayar in 2022 is “Havayar to be the best Iranian company, the leader in the production and supply of products and services, in the world class” This important cannot be achieved unless we can have a stable presence in the market. Increasing exports, developing the company’s market by exporting to neighboring countries, especially Central Asian countries, is the priority of Havayar’s organizational plans.

Our efforts and business staff are constantly improving organizational techniques, technical knowledge, and abilities in order to accomplish your pleasure via value creation. According to the company’s management philosophy, we value our valuable workers because they are the ones who contribute to the company’s future success.

We will also work hard to set a positive example in the country by carrying out our social duties. Finally, we want to thank all of our loyal clients who have placed their faith in us and wish them ongoing success and prosperity in their industrial professions.