Medical Equipment

The Medical Equipment Department of Havayar started its activities in 2007 with the sale of medical air equipment to medical centers and, after a short time, received the license from the General Medical Equipment Department of Iran’s Ministry of Health and Medical Education to manufacture medical air and hospital oxygenator systems. Currently, this department has more than 300 referrals in health centers all over the country.

In the recent years, this department has succeeded in obtaining the sales representation from some of the world’s leading medical equipment companies for various medical products.

The highly-reputable Italian company, Delta P, with many years of experience in the field of medical gas equipment, has been cooperating with Havayar for about 3 years. Havayar’s Medical Equipment Department offers a wide variety of Delta P’s medical supplies to hospitals throughout the country, including hospital central vacuum pumps, medical gas distribution and management systems, medical gas outlets and probes, regulators and suction systems.

This department also represents the American Oxyheal and Turkish Hipertech companies in the field of hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers. In addition, it has obtained the exclusive representation of the Turkish company, Karbonsan in the field of medical liquid oxygen tanks. It is worth noting that the department has already sold four liquid oxygen tanks made by the aforementioned company.