Medical Equipment

In 2017, the Havayar Company’s medical equipment division began operations by supplying medical air to hospitals. Within a short time, it was able to secure a medical manufacturing license from the General Department of Medical Equipment for both medical air and hospital oxygen generator. There are already more than 300 references for this department at hospitals across the nation.

This department has recently been successful in Obtaining the franchise of representation from several prominent global medical equipment businesses on a range of medical items.

With many years of expertise in the manufacturing of medical gas equipment, Deltapi, an Italian company, has been working with Havayar for almost three years. The country’s medical facilities and hospitals get a variety of items from this firm, including the hospital central vacuum pump, medical gas distribution and management device, medical gas outlet and probe, regulator, and suctions.

Also, this department has obtained the representation of American Oxyheal and Turkish Hipertech companies in the field of high-pressure oxygen treatment chambers, and also the exclusive representative of Carbon Sun Turkey in the field of medical liquid oxygen tanks, which has sold 4 liquid oxygen tanks by this department.

In terms of export, this department has 6 oxygen generators and 6 medical gas distribution devices to Syria and one liquid oxygen tank to Iraq and some medical gas equipment to Afghanistan.