For large admitted volumes (above 100,000 m 3 /h), single-stage centrifugal blowers with dual suction and one discharge flange are supplied. These blowers are direct-driven by a steam turbine or electric motor. The blowers are direct-driven by a steam turbine or electrical motor. The blower volute is usually fabricated from steel sheet. The impeller is of welded design, with a forged hub. These blowers are used in applications where large quantities of gases are to be conveyed. They can even handle gases with high dust content, such as gases from agglomeration.

Advantages & Specification

Very compact signal-stage blowers with a wide control range of operation parameters. The blowers are driven by high-speed electric motors with a speed control range of 0–100%. The impeller is fitted on the overhung shaft and of the high–speed electric motor fed by a static frequency converter. The motor is provided with grease–lubricated anti-friction bearings. The blower scroll is screwed to motor face. If compared with conventional design of signal-stage blower is considerably smaller, lighter and has lower power consumption. The new design is intended particularly for smaller blowers in water works and sewage works where environmental aspects are of the utmost importance, but also for other applications where the delivery of absolutely oil-free air is required. They can also be used to compress other gases, such as Co2 or nitrogen. They can also be supplied with acoustic hood or as a packaged unit (in a container) requiring only connection to suction and discharge piping and to a power supply.
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