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Nitrogen comprises 78% of atmosphere and is lighter than water in its liquid form and is lighter than air in its gaseous form. It has lower solubility in the water. This is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas playing important role in different industries such as chemical industry, pesticides, cement industry, Pulp and Paper industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry and soft drink making, aviation industry, electronic industry, weaving industry, etc... and any industry using nitrogen requires nitrogen generator.

Separating a given gas from mixture of several gases under pressure and according to molecular specifications and difference in the absorption rate is conducted on an absorbent by PSA technology. Nitrogen generating packages are used by PSA method for producing high purity nitrogen using compressed air. In this technology, air molecules are separated by surface porous absorbents and after saturating the absorbent surface, reduction process is conducted by reduction of pressure.

Nitrogen generators by PSA method are more used when there is needed to average and higher purity up to 99.99%. in these units, the purity rate of outflow gas and non-fluctuation in the quality of produced nitrogen is ensured.

Another product of HAVAYAR Company includes portable nitrogen package. This package has been designed, manufactured, installed and launched under the supervision and full engineering of HAVAYAR Company. HAVAYAR makes your thinking true with ideal design.  HAVAYAR’s Portable Nitrogen Systems  with capability of meeting all technical needs of customers highly attains their satisfaction. This system provides you with possibility of accessing to nitrogen round the clock and is economic as well.

Advantages of Nitrogen Generators

  1. Taking advantage of most modern nitrogen generators based on state of art technologies.

  2. Benefiting from CMS and zeolite  (with minimum 10 years of lifespan) belonging to Zeochem, Switzerland, greatest factory manufacturing Molecular Sieve in Europe.

  3. 100% automatic performance without needing to operator.

  4. Holding PLC with possibility of displaying the purity percentage, pressure and capacity of nitrogen produced and fully displaying the process in the Touch Screen Page.

  5. Having laser analyzing oxygen of Zirconium Oxide type with permanent life (with no needing to replace).

  6. Needing minimum energy due to benefiting from the lowest Air Factor among all manufacturers of gas generators in Europe.

  7. Possibility of set point for preventing nitrogen outflow with purity lower than Set Point.

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