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Quality of compressed air is one of the main parameters in the compressed air industry. For reducing the costs from destructive effects of moisture of compressed air, this company recommends using air dryer systems.
Dryers manufactured by HAVAYAR Company could be supplied in following models:
1-Refrigeration dryers
2-Heatless or heater desiccant dryers

Refrigeration Dryers

This kind of dryers with abundant applications in the compressed air industry, have been manufactured using air cooling process by which the humidity suspended in the air could be easily located in the separation route of this device and it reduces the dew point of the air to the standard level and makes the air free of moisture. The gas used in this system for refrigerating the fluid has been selected among gases permissible by ISO Environment Standard and it requires many time to be re-charged. Not requiring dust filter, lower size of device, lower maintenance and service costs for this device provided its widely usage in different industries.


Desiccant dryers are used in some industries such as electronic, pharmaceutical, food industries, etc.., and in cases that compressed air piping is located in open medium and pressure dew point of +3 o C no longer meets the needs. These dryers dry the moisture in the compressed air by moisture absorbents. Desiccant dryers of model HDT have been assembled under license and technology of FRIULAIR Company, Italy according to standard of UE, CE, and using parts of this company. These dryers have been comprised from two parallel towers filled by desiccants and controlled by an intelligent microprocessor.  When compressed air is being dried in one of the towers, second tower that its materials are saturated by moisture will be taken off the function and regenerated. Small part of compressed air will be used for regeneration operation in the towers (purge rate: 10%- 14%).

Heater Supplied

Heater-equipped dryers are similar to heatless dryers but with a fundamental difference. Initially, air system passes through an external heater with high efficiency before entering to the out-line reservoir for regeneration of dryer. Because such a war air could keep considerable moisture than non-warm air, only about a half of dried compressed air is required for regeneration.
Although, additional heat and related parts increases the initial capacity for heater-equipped dryer, lower deviation of compressed air means reduced operational costs.

Advantages & Specification

In the dryers of series HDT, there have been used of Molecular Sieve Materials as moisture absorbent. These materials come with highest quality with following specific traits:
  1. They are resistant to high temperatures and are not vulnerable when contacting to the moisture

  2. They will be suitable for dew points up to -70 o C;

  3. Its surface hardness is higher than other materials with minimum surface scratch comparing to other desiccants (this will increase the lifespan of dust filter element)

  4. Highest working time (the life of these materials is between 3 to 5 years if being used properly).

Dryers Specific Advantages:
  1. Shift valves have quickest and easiest function

  2. It is very easy to access these valves with quick and easy maintenance

  3. They have maximum possible throughput surface with limiting their pressure loss

  4. Aluminum body of valves has been protected from inner and outer side to prevent their corrosion

  5. HDT 300 model and higher models have a selector butterfly valve. These valves are controlled by pneumatic actuator

  6. Any tower is equipped to a pressure gauge

  7. Any tower is equipped to a diffuser device made out of stainless steel. This device is used for ensuring maximum distribution of compact air on desiccant materials

  8. It has a socket for discharging desiccant materials at the bottom of any tower.

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