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Havayar Industrial Group Launched Its Line Of Activity In 1998 To Manufacture Industrial Compressors And Compressed Air Accessories In Iran. Thanks To Great And Unsparing Efforts Made By The Board Of Directors, Directors, Employees And Workers, Havayar Industrial Group Have Obtained IMS (Integrated Management System) Certification Including OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 14001:2004 And ISO9001:2008 From IMQ Of Italy, High Quality Product Certification Of ICS Group Of Canada And Also It Is A Member Of IQNet World Network.

Our mission

Production and presentation of high-quality products and services, with the highest share in the domestic market of air and gas industry with focus on the specific products’ market in order to develop the Iranian industry.

Our Values

Honesty, respect, security, and order are the Havayar’s organizational codes of behavior. These codes emphases on our commitment to the law and these laws are founded for the purpose of institutionalization of the principles of the professional ethics in the company and the creation of the appropriate image in costumer’s perspective. Referring to these behavioral laws are a guarantee to our commitments in building positive reputation for the Havayar brand.

Our Strategy

Havayar’s strategy is to develop the products and services market, in a method that the quality of the product promotes simultaneously. Communications development with credit foreign brands in order to continue the presence in the competitive market, development and empowerment of the human resources and also development of integrated information technology are one of the important strategies of the Havayar in the preservation and promotion of the brand.

Our Employees

The great part of the Havayar’s development is in debt of employment of motivated and eligible personnel. In order to manage the business Havayar is always trying to recover the processes of relationship with the employees by developing the employees’ merits. It is expected from all the personnel to not woe any effort in order to achieve an organization’s objectives and by achieving such for the organization their own personal objectives in development as well.

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Experienced Personnel

HAVAYAR ambition is to lead its industry, deliver long-term performance and contribute to sustainability.

The company’s customer-centric transformation strategy aims at profitable growth over the long term.


  • 2007 Selected as the premier young manufacturer by the House of Industry, Mine and Trade of Iranian Youth.
  • 2008 The selected company for the premier young manufacturer in the First National Festival of the Young Manufacturers by the Development Organization of the National Industry
  • 2010 The record holder of bringing on line the 400 CNG stations all over Iran,
  • 2010 Obtaining a letter of appreciation as the Premier Company of After Sale Services of CNG equipment.
  • 2010 Bringing on line the biggest CNG station in the Middle East with the fueling capacity of more than 8000 bi-fuel cars 24 hours a day.
  • 2011 Receiving the Health Supporter Statuette.
  • 2012 Receiving an appreciation plaque for the obtained achievements in the CNG Industry at the International Conference of CNG Industry.
  • 2013 Receiving a plaque from the Sixth Meeting of the Managers and Chiefs of the Big Premier Manufacturing and Service Companies throughout the State, ITEC Secretariat.
  • 2013 Receiving the award of Innovation in the Public Relations Management.
  • 2013 The premier industrial unit of the Alborz province.
  • 2013 Receiving a letter of appreciation from the National Digging Corporation for the domestic production of the oil industry equipment.
  • 2013 Receiving the certificate high quality product from the ICS Canadian Group.
  • 2014 Membership in the world network of IQNET.
  • 2014 Receiving the certificate of Integrated Management System (IMS).
  • 2014 Receiving the award of Premier Manufacturing Sector.
  • 2015 Receiving Golden Plaque from the National Conference of Entrepreneurship.
  • 2015 The premier company (contract work and manufacturing the industrial equipment) in the Third National Annual Festival of the Top Iranian Companies (TOPEX).
  • 2015 The premier production unit pf the Alborz province in the Ninth Festival of the Premier Entrepreneurs.
  • 2016 Selected as the unforgettable face in the Tenth National Festival of Manufacturers, Young Managers and in the Eighth Period of Introducing the Iranian Unforgettable Faces of Industry, Mine and Trade.