Feasibility Study
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HAVAYAR Co. manages and coordinates studies ranging from scoping definition through to feasibility for compressed air and gas generator package projects. It provides its valued clients with accurate and timely reports. HAVAYAR conceptual and feasibility studies provide our clients with information to make informed decisions about scale, scope and viability of projects.

We basically define six parts to any Project Feasibility Study
  1. The Project Scope
  2. The Current Analysis
  3. Requirements
  4. The Approach
  5. Evaluation
  6. Review 

Our feasibility study team consist of a complete sets of expert in following fields of:
  1. Process design engineers
  2. Mechanical design engineers
  3. Instrument & control engineers
  4. Piping design engineers
  5. Civil & structure design engineers
  6. Installation & Commissioning expert
  7. Procurement & Purchasing expert
  8. Financial analyst