Industrial Pumps
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Pumps are used for transferring the fluid to a given height and or displacing it in a piping and or hydraulic system. More generally speaking, pump is a device conducting the incompressible fluids from a point to another point. HAVAYAR Company is able to launch and repair types of industrial pumps in all famous brands of the world.

Pumps come with different types. Various classifications are grouped pumps based on various specifications. In one of the most common classifications based on conducting the energy from pump to the fluid, pumps are grouped into two categories:
Dynamic Pumps:
In these pumps, energy is permanently conducted to the fluid. Types of dynamic pumps include:
  1. Centrifugal
  2. Axial

Positive Displacement Pumps:
In these pumps, energy is conducted to the fluid alternatively or periodically. Types of positive displacement pumps include:
  1. Reciprocating
  2. Rotary
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