Liquefied natural gas (LNG)
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Modular And Premade Systems Of LNG That Are Supplied By Havayar Company Is A Proper Approach For Optimized Operation Of Nationwide Gas Resources As Soon As Possible.

LNG Small-Size Prefabricated Plants

In Order To Operate The Limited Gas Resources With Shale Gas, Havayar Company Has Designed “LNG” Prefabricated Modular System With A Minimum Capacity Of 50000 Newton/M2 Per Day. 
These Systems Can Be Easily Dissembled And After Discharge Of Gas Well, It Is Possible To Transfer The Said Systems To A New Place. This Unique Capability Prevents Too Much Cost Charged On Plumbing And Construction Operations That Mostly Results In Long-Term Destructions Of Environment. 
Prefabrication Capability And Smallness Of Size Of LNG Plant Is A Valuable Option For Quick And Optimized Operation Of Natural Gas Resources.

Average Size LNG Plant

This Type Of Plants With A Capacity Of 200,000 Nm3/Day To 1 Is Assigned To Gas Tanks That Have Been Designed To Be Used At Transportation Fuel Networks.

LNG Production Process

After Being Condensed, Natural Gas Is Passed Through A Refining System Comprising Several Stages So That Its Humidity, Carbon Dioxide, Mercury And Hydrocarbons Are Removed And Eventually Only Methane (CH4) Remains. The Remaining Refined Gas Is Converted To Liquid In Cold Box. Then, The LNG Produced Is Reserved In Specific Tanks Or Directly Loaded On Tanker As Well.

LNG Is A Natural Gas That Is Changed From Gas To Liquid After It Is Cooled Up To -162C And Reached Its Primary Volume Of 600/1. This Noticeable Decrease Makes Reserve And Transfer Of LNG At Tankers Or Large Vessels Be Safe And Easy.
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