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Havayar furnished oxygen generation packages by PSA methods:Our PSA oxygen generator plants are based on a reliable, flexible and trouble-free pressure swing adsorption (PSA) process. They are the perfect fit for on-stream applications that require low-cost gaseous oxygen with purity levels of up to 95 percent per volume.

Oxygen generating device consists of two tanks filled with Zeolite. The compressed dry air at 20 degrees centigrade entered the tanks and exhausts oxygen in form gas while another tanks is simultaneously revived. 

The said equipment is related to generate oxygen, Nitrogen and Argon in liquid or gas form from the air existing in atmosphere that has been designed according to air separating system in an environment at low temperature. 

Our products are presented according to ASME, DIN, EN and API standards and IEC and European standards. Havayar Company is the exclusive agent of Oxymat Company of Denmark for supply of PSA systems. 

O2 Generator havayar

Oxygen  Generating Capacity

Oxygen: from 5 Nm 3 /h to 5.000 Nm 3 /h 

Oxygen purities

Oxygen: > 95 % 

Our oxygen generator plants  benefits

  1. Oxygen on demand
  2. Energy efficiency
  3. Easy partial load operation
  4. High availability
  5. Fully automated operation
  6. Designed for unmanned, outdoor use
  7. Units are compact and skid-mounted
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