Water Electrolysis Package
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Havayar Generator properly separates hydrogen and oxygen through the process of electrolysis analysis of water molecules. During this process, the generator is distilled water and electricity current. The products of this system meet the DIN, EN, API, ASME and European and IEC standards

our generators produce Hydrogen and Oxygen gases in two separate streams, through water electrolysis: for its functioning, the generator just needs a power supply and demineralized water.

The gas is produced directly at the required pressure (up to 30 bar) and with quality characteristics which make it ideal for immediate use in most applications. When the gas is requested with a very high purity, we can add to the equipment a purification system, which can be put downstream or integrated inside the machine. high purity Hydrogen generators can be remotely monitored by remote assistance service, with the possibility of ONLINE service.

Oxygen and Hydrogen Generating Capacity by using Electrolysis Method
  • Hydrogen: from 0.5 Nm 3 /h to 250 Nm 3 /h
  • Oxygen: from 0.2 Nm 3 /h to 125 Nm 3 /h

Purity of hydrogen and oxygen generated :
  • Hydrogen: 99.99%
  • Oxygen: 99.5%

Advantages & Specification

  1. The oxygen produced in the water electrolysis increases the efficiency of the power production process.
  2. Reduced energy requirements and operating costs in the power process for oxygen production.
  3. Flexible electrical power delivery to the net.
Water Electrolysis Package
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