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Hydrogen by HAVAYAR Company is produced by two below methods:
This company is able to engineer, supply, install, launch and maintain hydrogen producing packages.


HAVAYAR is one of the pioneers for supplying and producing reformer systems. Need to hydrogen is being increased day to day as one of the main elements used in petrochemical and refinery industries. The most important method for producing hydrogen in these industries is extracting if from hydrocarbons. This process occurs under higher temperatures about 800 o C by a catalyst. High temperature required and specific processing conditions and finally necessity of recycling the wasted heat has made designing this equipment very complicated; therefore, there are fewer companies who can design such equipment.  This equipment is applicable in ammonia, methanol units, refineries and some other industrial units.


 HAVAYAR generator properly separates hydrogen and oxygen gases by electrolysis of water molecules. During this process, generator needs distilled water and power supply. Products of this system are under standards API, ASME, DIN, EN and European Standards and IEC. The gas is produced in required pressure and defined conditions. In cases that there is required to higher purity, attaining such purity is possible by installing purifying system. For generators in greater dimensions, it is possible to locate this device in the generator itself. Ensured quality of HAVAYAR products safety and ecological properties of produced gases and low costs of executive performances together with other main specifications puts this technology in the first rank in the market.

Advantages & Specification
  1. Simultaneously producing hydrogen and oxygen with high purity of 99% with capability of increasing the purity percentage up to 99.9999%
  2. Producing hydrogen and oxygen with pressure of 4-5 barg that is increasable up to 200 barg
  3. Producing hydrogen and oxygen with dew point of -10 o C to -80 o C
  4. 100% automatic function with no needing to operator
  5. Minimum space required for installation
  6. Quick and easy installation and launch with capability of connecting to drinking water
  7. Lowest energy consumption comparing to other similar systems
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