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Process Screw Compressors operate by drawing gas into the spaces between the lobes of the twin screws.As the rotors turn, the gas is forced by the profile of the screws into a continuously decreasing space until it reaches the outlet port at high pressure.The system is capable of handling extremely problematic gases, in the most challenging environments.

Because it operates by positive displacement, it can cope with the changing molecular weights encountered in applications like flare gas recovery, and even handle liquid slugs in the gas stream. And, because it does not generate out-of-balance forces, it needs significantly less foundation strength than a reciprocating compressor.

The screw compressor principle delivers gases smoothly and continuously at constant pressure, free of surges, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, for years on end. It is technology of choice in situation when high availability and reliability is required over long-term continual running. It is the workhorse of vital processes across the oil and gas, petrochemical and energy industries. Its ability to cope with the most hazardous and corrosive gases, and accept fluctuation in input composition while delivering a constant pressure output, makes it so much useful in industrial operation.

The development of the oil injected screw compressor, in which synthetic oil is introduced to act as a sealant, a lubricant and often an integral part of the chemical process, brought performance to a new level. It is not suitable for every environment, but where it is appropriate it brings advantages of versatility, lower power consumption, lighter weight and reduced noise with the same exceptional reliability.
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