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Oil free compressors are usually used for critical applications where air quality is essential for end-product and production processes. There are many companies in industries such as Automotive, food & beverage, chemical, electronics, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals and textiles are using havayar oil free compressors.

In many compressors, air compressing by the compressor will be carried out in air chamber in the vicinity of the oil.Exist of oil in the compressor outlet air in some industries because of its proximity to the product and the risk of contamination (food, pharmaceutical, textile and dyeing) or favorable impact on the function of pneumatic and instrumentation (oil and gas, power generation ...) would be problematic.
For this reason, supplying oil-free air by Oil Free compressors has always been very important in big industry.
Oil-Free Compressors Can Be Classified In Three Distinct Categories:
  1. Oil-Free Screw Type Compressors
  2. Oil-Free Reciprocated Type Compressors (Piston)
  3. Turbine Oil-Free Compressors (Centrifugal)
In Rankings Capacity, Piston Oil-Free Compressors Have The Lowest Capacity And Turbine Oil-Free Compressors Have The Highest Capacity At Various Pressures.
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