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Havayar Mining compressors have been designed to be used under hard and heavy conditions and in different industries such as sandblast and work at mines.These compressors enjoy high applicability in startup operations of optic fiber cables and also they enjoy combined usability with pneumatic tools such as pneumatic hammers.High or low environmental temperature as well as work at Height Mountains shall leave no effect on function of this compressor.

Compatible Design

Havayar Company Pays Specific Attention To The Suggestions And Recommendations Of Sale Centers And Even More, To Your Ideas And Approaches In Such A Manner That Design Of Compressors Has Been Exactly Made Based On The Said Recommendations.

Long Life, Low Costs

High Sale Of The Said Compressor Are Among The Achievements Of Attention To These Recommendations. This Kind Of Compressor Is Benefiting From A Very Strong And Modern Screw Device And Uses Dots And Caterpillar Engines That All Are Located In A Firm And Resistant Cover. This Cover Enjoys Sufficient Resistance In Hard And Unsmoothed Environments. Specific Design Of Compressors Has Provided The Instability Of Additional Optional Tools So Easily. For Example, Freeze Of The Pneumatic Tools In The Past Had Raised Some Problems. Through Reinstallation Of Heater On After-Cooler, This Problem Will Not Occur Again.

Safety And Environmental

All Of Havayar Mining Compressors Have Been Made According To The Updated Codes And Standards Of USA And Europe. They Benefit From High Standards To Prevent Generating Noise And Observing Safety Rules 
In Order To Prevent Air Pollution, New Engines Have Been Made According To The Updated Rules And Standards Such As Standards ISO 14001:2004.

Characteristics of Havayar Mining Compressors

  1. Easy access of parts and components of the compressor has minimized time of inspection and periodic repairs of the said compressor. This model is connected to a tow easily, considering the predicted facilities.

  2. In order to establish desirable maintenance conditions, Havayar Industrial Group has provided replaceable main parts for this kind of compressor through a complete kit that may be separately requested upon purchase of the said kind of compressor.

  3. A two-stage filter of the highest quality prevents entrance of dusts and particles to the compressor and warns the user of proper time for periodic notice by sending the respective signals.

  4. A specific sensor has been devised on this compressor as standard to prevent too coldness accordingly (This sensor does not exist in the compressors that are cooled by using an oily system.

havayar mining compressor
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