Tonnage air separation plant
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We are supplies a vast range of tonnage air separation plants tailor made to the requirement of the buyer as per the application for production of Oxygen Nitrogen & Argon in gas and liquid form. These plants incorporate the latest Centrifugal Air compressors and are designed as per the Air liquid process technologies. We can offer complete solutions, from feasibility study to handover of the completed facility with all utilities connected.

Tonnage air separation plants Design to meet individual customer requirements. These plans used to generate oxygen, nitrogen, argon, krypton, xenon, helium and neon. Air separation plants normally is concentrated in the steel industry. However, new markets are emerging with the development of new applications such as coal to liquid (CTL), gas to liquid (GTL) and enhanced oil recovery (EOR), all of which require large amounts of oxygen and nitrogen.
Depending on our client’s needs, we can tailor a design to their exact specifications or propose a Standard Plant. These are highly-packaged, modular, skidded units, easily integrated into existing or future industrial plants.
Tonnage air separation plant

Advantages & Specification:
  • Use of robust plant and component concepts with proven reliability
  • Highly developed and proven control and redundancy philosophy to guarantee continuous production
  • Long established relationship with well-known Sub-vendors and reliable technology
  • Use Advanced engineering tools and methods for process design and optimization
  • Optimized efficiency for static and rotating equipment
  • Design of plant for robust operation and easy maintenance
  • State-of-the-art plant automation system to ensure smooth plant operation and equipment protection automatically
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