Portable Air Separation Package
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HAVAYAR manufactures ruggedized portable oxygen and nitrogen generators for a variety of markets; including Military, Medical, Water and Wastewater Treatment, Industrial, and Oil and Gas markets. Our products enable our customers to produce oxygen and nitrogen at the point-of-use, saving time, money, and the environment.

Portable Nitrogen/Oxygen Generators are an easy and convenient way to produce high purity Nitrogen/Oxygen gas from the field, in an emergency scenario, or in a mobile unit.
Compact, portable N2/O2 Generators can produce high purity N2/O2 at low flow rates using a straightforward N2/O2 Generator technology and a self- contained compressor, with an attached N2/O2 storage tank.  
The portable N2 Generator simply uses the available air supply around it to separate out the Nitrogen gas and send it to the storage tank.
HAVAYAR designs and manufactures portable Nitrogen Generators for use in a variety of industries: Military, Oil & Gas industries, Food industries, …

HAVAYAR has been specialized in designing Portable Containerized Generator Units that will ensure your safe and independent source of nitrogen and/or oxygen. Most of our generator systems can be installed in a container as Plug & Play, ready-to-use units.

Advantages & Specification:

  1. Ease of transportation
  2. No need for installation
  3. Low maintenance
  4. Extreme temperatures (from -32°C to +55°C)
  5. High humidity work condition (90% RH at 40°C)
  6. Wide range of Working Pressure: 4 to 500 Bar-g
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