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Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) is a method for producing oxygen in the site of consumption. This is a physical method of screening type in which by passing the compressed air through a material called zeolite, it results in separating oxygen comprising about 78% of the atmosphere and air oxygen released in low pressure. In this method, there is used of a device called as oxygen maker having two columns full of zeolite where a column is producing and another column is releasing oxygen.HAVAYAR Company is able to engineer, supply, install, launch and maintain oxygen generating packages with different capacity and purity.

It is not only needed an oxygen generator for producing the oxygen in site but also different devices is required provided based on a package called oxygen making package.
This package includes following equipment:
  1. Compressor

  2. Dryer (desiccant or refrigeration)

  3. Filtration (including three series of filters called Peri (1 μm), micro (up to 0.01 μm) and a final and anti-bacterial filter (bacteria absorption up to 0.0001%) each of which filter the outflow air in different sizes.

  4. Oxygen generator

  5. Air and oxygen tanks (one for storing outflow air from compressor and another one for storing oxygen)

As stated above, separating a given gas from mixture of several gases, under pressure and according to molecular specifications and difference in the absorption on the desiccant is conducted by PSA technology. Oxygen generating packages are used by PSA method for producing oxygen with high purity using compressed air. In this technology air molecules are separated by surface porous absorbents and after saturating the absorbent surface, reduction process is conducted by pressure reduction.

Advantages of oxygen generators manufactured by HAVAYAR

  1. Taking advantage of most modern oxygen generators based on state of art technologies

  2. Benefiting from CMS and zeolite  (with minimum 10 years of lifespan) belonging to Zeochem, Switzerland, greatest factory manufacturing Molecular Sieve in Europe;

  3. 100% automatic performance without needing to operator

  4. Holding PLC with possibility of displaying the purity percentage, pressure and capacity of oxygen produced and fully displaying the process in the Touch Screen Page

  5. Having laser analyzing oxygen of Zirconium Oxide type with permanent life (with no needing to replace)

  6. Needing minimum energy due to benefiting from the lowest Air Factor among all manufacturers of gas generators in Europe

  7. Possibility of set point for preventing oxygen outflow with purity lower than Set Point

  8. Minimum acoustic pollution

  9. Facility in maintenance, repair and service

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