By joining Havayar, seizethe opportunity to step intoa new phase of your career.

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HAVAYAR provide a dynamic work environment where everyone is empowered to think, take initiative and be innovative, and finally to make a positive and tangible contribution. We have a flat organizational structure, offering a high level of responsibility and involvement to individual employees.

Havayar Industrial Group, as a highly-reputable industrial corporation, in order to fulfil its corporate objectives, is proud to recruit qualified human resources who strengthen Havayar’s sustainable competitive privileges based on competency assessments.

You are welcomed to the Recruitment Section of Havayar Industrial Group’s website. We are sincerely thankful to you for taking the time to go through the application procedure. Please fill out the forms with your personal information and your academic and professional records completely in accordance with the requirements listed below and send the file either via email to the address: or via fax to the number: +98 21 88202425. 

The HRM takes the approach that the recruitment of our competent applicants is not only evaluated in terms of technical competence, but also from the perspective of their behavioral competencies. 

The Recruitment Procedure in Havayar Industrial Group:

  1. Submission of your curriculum vitae (resume)
  2. Conducting a telephone interview by the HRM department
  3. Taking the organizational competency-based behavioral tests (to see the behavioral tests, refer to the “Recruitment” menu; behavioral tests
  4. Conducting the behavioral interview
  5. Conducting the technical interview
  6. Conducting the general interview
  7. Going through recruitment preparations

Behavioral Tests

In order to start the recruitment process, you’re required to download the file “Employee Test” from Havayar website and respond to that completely according to the instructions contained in each sheet. Then, send the completed file saved as your full name via email to: Please insert the word “Test” into the “Subject” field. After the tests are accurately analyzed, you will be contacted.

In case you encounter any problems or questions, you can also insert the word “Question” in the “Subject” field and share it with us. Your questions will be answered as soon as possible.

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