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Havayar Industrial Group launched its line of activity in 1998 to manufacture industrial compressors and compressed air accessories in Iran. Thanks to great and unsparing efforts made by the Board of Directors, directors, employees and workers, Havayar Industrial Group have obtained IMS (integrated management system) Certification including OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 14001:2004 and ISO9001:2008 from IMQ of Italy, High Quality Product Certification of ICS Group of Canada and also it is a member of IQNet World Network.

Presently, benefiting from 400 personnel and a factory with an area of 30000 m2 and thanks to most modern and updated technology of the world and the most committed and experienced directors across the nation Havayar Industrial Group produces its products accordingly.

Establishment date of Havayar Company (Factory No. 1)


Startup of assembly line of stationery screw compressors


Obtaining Representation Certificate for exclusive sale and after-sale services for air centrifuged compressors from Samsung Company of South Korea


Obtaining Representation Certificate for Exclusive Sale and After-sale Services for cool dryers from Friul Air Company of Italy


Obtaining ISO 9001-2000 Certification


Startup of producing stationery and portable screw compressors licensed by ATLAS COPCO (15 - 75 KW)


Obtaining Sale and After-sale Certification for stationery and portable compressors from ATLAS COPCO


Factory Development – Erection of Factory No. 2


Startup of sale of gas compressors and processed gases compressors in CNG industry

Startup of Engineering , sale and after sales of Hydrogen Electrolyzer , Hydrogen & Nitrogen Purifiers , Laboratory Generators , Gas Mixer and …


Conclusion of contract for production line and procurement of CNG station equipment with different companies

Selected as the premier young manufacturer by the House of Industry, Mine and Trade of Iranian Youth

Startup of Engineering , sale and after sales of Nitrogen & Oxygen PSA packages ( Pressure Swing Adsorption )


Development of factory (Establishment of Factory No. 3). Being chosen as TOP YOUNG PRODUCER in the first National Festival of Young Producers by the National Industrial Development Organization


Obtaining a Letter of Commendation as TOP Company in the field of after-sale services of CNG equipment

Startup of Engineering , sale and after sales of Nitrogen , Oxygen and Argon Cryogenic packages

Startup of Engineering , sale and after sales of Liquid Nitrogen , Oxygen and Argon storage Tank


The record holder of bringing on line the 400 CNG stations all over Iran

Obtaining a letter of appreciation as the Premier Company of After Sale Services of CNG equipment

Bringing on line the biggest CNG station in the Middle East with the fueling capacity of more than 8000 bi-fuel cars 24 hours a day

Transferring Technology for manufacturing PSA Packages in Havayar factory 100 %


Receiving the Health Supporter Statuette

Startup of manufacturing , sale and after sales of Hydrogen PSA and Reformer packages ( Pressure Swing Adsorption )


Receiving an appreciation plaque for the obtained achievements in the CNG Industry at the International Conference of CNG Industry

Startup of manufacturing , sale and after sales of Gas Separation Units


Receiving a plaque from the Sixth Meeting of the Managers and Chiefs of the Big Premier Manufacturing and Service Companies throughout the State, ITEC Secretariat

Receiving the award of Innovation in the Public Relations Management

The premier industrial unit of the Alborz province

Receiving a letter of appreciation from the National Digging Corporation for the domestic production of the oil industry equipment

Receiving the certificate high quality product from the ICS Canadian Group


Membership in the world network of IQNET

Receiving the certificate of Integrated Management System (IMS)

Receiving the award of Premier Manufacturing Sector

Startup of Engineering , sale and after sales of MINI LNG Package


Receiving Golden Plaque from the National Conference of Entrepreneurship

The premier company (contract work and manufacturing the industrial equipment) in the Third National Annual Festival of the Top Iranian Companies (TOPEX)

The premier production unit pf the Alborz province in the Ninth Festival of the Premier Entrepreneurs


Selected as the unforgettable face in the Tenth National Festival of Manufacturers, Young Managers and in the Eighth Period of Introducing the Iranian Unforgettable Faces of Industry, Mine and Trade

Startup Engineering , design , Manufacturing and Sale of Flare Gas Recovery packages , Flare Packages , Incinerator , Burners and …


Transferring Technology for manufacturing Cryogenic Package in Havayar Factory 40%

Presently, with an area of over 30000 m2 at the 50-km of Tehran, Havayar Company has been identified as one of the largest companies responsible for the aforesaid activities as well.