Our efforts and the company’spersonnel effort are alwaysfor continuous improvementof the organizational procedures

CEO Message
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As one of the youngest and the biggest companies in air and gas industry, Havayar had a noticeable growth over the past years. This growth was the result of the innovative proceedings and entrepreneur spirit.Over the last 18 years, we were always committed to innovation, and we have always been synchronized with the development of the new technologies to keep our competitive advantage in the market and make bigger steps in development.

According to company’s business portfolio, we made more clearance and stability in our management structures. Havayar’s 2024 perspective is “the customer’s first choice in domestic market.” This importance is not achieved unless we can have a stable presence on the market. About the increasing export, development of the company’s market by exporting to the neighbor countries, especially middle Asian region countries are in the top priority of the Havayar’s organizational plans.

Our efforts and the company’s personnel effort are always for continuous improvement of the organizational procedures, technical knowledge and skills, to earn your satisfaction through value creation. According to the company’s management philosophy, we value our valuable employees because they are the ones who make a brighter future for the company.

We also make our best efforts by doing our social responsibilities to turn into a good sample in the country. In the ending, I would like to thank all the valuable customers who trusted us and wish them all increasing success and prosperity in their industrial career.