3 December 2016

CNG After-sale services

CNG After-sale services :

Presently, Havayar Company is the largest supplier of CNG equipment in the nation. Having the share of 665 CNG stations out of 2490 active stations in the nation, Havayar Company has the largest service network with 45 technical experts and 10 staff experts.

During the last seven years, thanks to unsparing efforts made by the personnel of this plant, Havayar Company is the most distinguished and outstanding after-sale Services Company among 14 companies, supplying CNG equipment across the nation and it could meet the full satisfaction of the customers and employers of CNG projects.

Relying on the said item and due to proper quality of its products and natural fuel stations’ products, Havayar Company has obtained the highest sale in IR Rials and number of CNG stations’ equipment as well. For this purpose and by considering the technical competency of the specialists of Havayar Company, this plant has acted upon marketing and sale of its products in the neighboring countries and has exported CNG equipment and dryers to Turkmenistan and Turkey as the first exporter of CNG equipment. Providing after-sale services at the aforesaid two countries, another honor has been added to other honors of Havayar Company as well.