3 December 2016

repair and maintenance of Screw Compressors” at the domicile of Havayar Factory

Convention of training course of “repair and maintenance of Screw Compressors” at the domicile of Havayar Factory from Feb. 4 to 5, 2016
This training course was held within 16 hours (two days) from Feb. 4, 2016 to Feb. 5, 2016 at the domicile of Havayar Factory for thirty personnel of Safa Steel, Uniliver, Panj Gol Parvaran, Kadoog, Nadi Plastic, Arta Vil Tire, Perssi Iran Gas, Middle East Products Export, Knuff Iran, Micro Software, Dr. Abidi, Golestan Dezfoul Agro-industrial, Negin Sabz Agro-Industrial, Kaleh Dairy Products, Zolal Gostar Mahan, Nitle Pars and Medi Tech Sis companies.


The instructor of the said course was Mr. Eng. Sharifi (Production Manager of Havayar Company) and the following course headlines were presented by the above-named:

  • Definition of condensed air and applications, compressors and their types and application cases of each;
  • Introducing kinds of Screw compressors
  • Training for equipment of condensed air path and principles of function of dryers, water trap and filters
  • Identification of kinds of water traps, and new generation of water discharge from condensed air equipment
  • Introducing function of parts on condensation process path and their interior buildings
  • Review of function of Screw compressors and study of Flow Diagram
  • Control methods of Screw compressors
  • Accessories of Screw compressors
  • Review of problems occurred on each part and its effect on function of the compressor
  • Examination of Troubleshooting