3 December 2016

Havayar Charity

Introducing the Institute

Havayar Charitable Institute was established in 2010 by the Board of Directors of Havayar Industrial Group Management aiming at helping the poor families, orphans and handicapped. After fulfillment of administrative affairs and legal formalities and obtaining the license from the Ministry of Interior in 2011, this Institute was legally registered and it has provided noticeable and valuable services to different groups of the society accordingly.

Thank God with whose blessings we have been chosen to help the destitute and poor.

Confrontation with social abuses arising from poverty among women and children, abandoned and unattended or with poor attendance through training, promotion of skills, employment and promoting self-belief among the said persons to achieve self-sufficiency by this poor and vulnerable group of people in the society are among our main goals.

The Board of Trustees

The members of the Board of Trustees are nine persons who are the highest deciding authority of the said organization. The Board of Directors who is elected by the Board of Trustees performs their duties under their supervision. The Managing Director is the executive of the decisions of Board of Directors and executive arm of the Board of Directors. Realm of activity of this Institute is Tehran Province and any measure taken for establishment and startup of similar institutions are highly appreciated and it states its readiness to offer and exchange its experiences in this regard.

Policy :

Havayar Charitable Institute is a charitable institute of public interest. It is involved in providing the required services for the poor and destitute in the society and maintains its activities within the framework of the registered Articles of association and approvals of the ordinary and extraordinary general assemblies of board of trustees as well as decisions of the board of directors and current rules and regulations of the nation.

This Institute is aiming at achieving the satisfaction of Almighty God by serving the poor and destitute by promoting the level of quality based on religious criteria and principles and benefits from the scientific principles of quality management to make the aforesaid policies more strategic.

  • From among the charitable measures taken by Havayar Industrial Group in the recent years, we can point out the following cases:
  • Establishment of the great Havayar Charitable Technical and Vocational School with an area of 4000 m2 in deprived region (Abhar Province) that was utilized in Feb 2014.
  • Participation in construction of Imam Hossein Hospital and membership of managing director and chairman of board of directors at board of trustees of the said Hospital
  • Monthly payment of medical costs for treatment of sick children of poor families
  • Payment of living costs including material and nonmaterial to the poor families
  • Granting two ambulances equipped to Kahrizak Nursing Home for Old People and Handicapped
  • Granting one Van to “Ba Dasthay-e-Shekoufa” Charitable Institute for the Blind in Guilan Province, City of Rasht
  • Granting accommodation deposit for the poor and destitute
  • Granting certain costs for employment of the jobless youth
  • Granting medical cost to neurological patients
  • Granting educational cost of the students of Baghchehban School for Exceptional Children and Tolou 2 Girl’s School for Exceptional Children
  • Granting food (essentials of families) to the poor and destitute (twice every year)
  • Cooperation with Mahak Charitable Institute to support the children suffering from cancer and
  • Carrying out other charitable affairs ...