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Why Centrifugal Compressor?

Centrifugal compressors, sometimes termed radial compressors, are a sub-class of dynamic axisymmetric work-absorbing turbomachinery. The idealized compressive dynamic turbo-machine achieves a pressure rise by adding kinetic energy/velocity to a continuous flow of fluid through the rotor or impeller. This kinetic energy is then converted to an increase in potential energy/static pressure by slowing the flow through a diffuser. The pressure rise in impeller is in most cases almost equal to the rise in the diffuser section.

Because centrifugal compressors compress air in stages, the air being compressed stays cooler and the air compressor is more efficient, both mechanically and in terms of the energy being used. Although centrifugal compressors often have a high initial cost, this is usually compensated for by their long and relatively low-maintenance life.

• Highest efficiency comparing to other types of compressors
• Oil-free outlet air without any auxiliary equipment
• Lowest maintenance
• High quality outlet (without oscillations in discharge pressure)
• Capable of running continuously for long periods of time

Why Samsung Techwin?
Boasting the finest technology in design, development and production, Samsung Techwin demands an international presence for outstanding quality and service. By combining precision machinery with integrated technologies, Samsung Techwin is leading the energy equipment industry.

 Samsung Techwin strives for excellence not only in product line, but also in business ethics. From implementing consensus management to ensuring a nurturing corporate culture, Samsung Techwin will stop at nothing to become the most sought after company. We seek satisfaction in both our customers and employees.

 By combining precision machinery with integrated technologies, Samsung Techwin strives to lead the energy equipment industry by developing technology that covers industrial air compressors, engineered compressors, gas compressors, expanders, low temperature compressors and booster compressors. In any market that includes oil & gas, petrochemical, air separation and cryogenic processes, Samsung Techwin has products to meet the requirements of each of these segments.

State-of-the-art 5-Axis Machined Impeller

• Precisely balanced and designed for stability and high efficiency
• Wide operational flexibility with turndown ratio of 30 ~ 40%
• 115% over speed spin test to guarantee its reliability
• SUS impellers for extended life cycle with low vibration and low noise

Long Life Thrust Bearing
• Tilting pad journal bearings applied on pinion gears offer reliable operation and almost permanent lifespan without replacement
• Low friction loss sleeve journal and taper landed thrust bearings are applied on bull gear

  Leak-Free Oil & Gas Seals
• Supply 100% oil-free air in accordance with ISO8573-1 class zero for minimizing loss from downtime
• Assured by 4 stage of sealing which satisfies API specification
• Split structure for easy check and maintenance



SM Series

Stable operation

Complying with global industry standards as ISO9001, API672 and customer specific requirements • 100% Oil-Free compressed air without any contamination: ISO 8573-1 Class 0 certification
• Using three-dimensional design system to eliminate potential design flaws in the design phase
• Thorough quality control system in every single process to get rid of any risks
• The fastest growing in the industry since 1997
• Certified by major players in various industries in ME, Europe, Americas etc.

Saving the budget

• High efficiency oriented components and low maintenance design will provide customers with lower life-cycle cost
• Flexible IGV adjusting the flow rate in accordance with the fluctuation of air consumption to reduce energy consumption up to 7%
• Wear resistance materials as stainless steel for minimizing abrasion and corrosion
• Precise 5-Axis machined impeller and long life guaranteed oil and gas seals
• Simple and no wearing structure leads minimized maintenance effort and cost
• Energy saving analysis to diagnose current status and find the root cause of energy waste can minimize the unnecessary cost and keep customers’ profit high

SM100 Series

Focuses on accomplishing enhanced performance and efficiency to satisfy customers particularly seek performance-centered products.

Flexible packages according to your needs

• Packaged plug & play type for easy installation
• Standard type without base frame, silencer, cooling water manifold and enclosure
• Silencer and cooling water manifold can be added as an option

Advanced efficiency and performance through design modification

• Thrust collar applied to enhance operation reliability and mechanical efficiency by reducing mechanical loss and oil consumption
• Labyrinth seal of non-contacting type minimizing mechanical loss and needs of replacement
• Reduced distance between shafts to minimize oil mist friction and mechanical loss for improved performance and isothermal efficiency

SME Series

Designed based on proven technology and abundant operating experience of SM Series, is the compact package composed of essential components as same performance with SM Series. Simple configuration achieves a minimum initial investment and superior space utilization.

Benefits from compactness
• Integrated lubrication system including cooler and oil tank improves maintainability and this structure enables to drain oil easily.
• Separated aftercooler allows easy and flexible customized layout so that customers can make better use of space
• Compact package fitting into 20ft standard container makes easy and low-cost transport
"Integrated lubrication system makes better use of your work place"

SA Series


Air-cooling compressor made by the best specialists of Samsung Techwin with their customer-priority mind and the world-class know-how


• SM2000-derived product that reflected the market demands and cutting-edge air dynamic technology
• Module engineering with largely reduced maintenance time compared to non-module type compressor
• One-body package design where every component is mounted on the base frame
• Low-noise enclosure of full-open structure with high openness (0ptional)

SE Series (Engineered Air Compressors)

Engineered air compressors up to 500,000 Nm3/hr. can bring the utmost performance and efficiency to various industrial applications including but not limited to air separation, petro-chemical, steel and metallurgy, etc.

 Key Design Features
• The use of water cooled heat exchangers and closed circuit water to air cooling system.
• Maintain high efficiency for operating economy.
• Meet clients’ recognized high standard of design and engineering.
• Provide a generous skid package, with “walk around access” of at least 760mm at all points.
• All instruments, readout and access panels between 500mm and 1500mm above skid floor level.
• Low noise level of core design to allow uninterrupted access to the full skid without using sound canopy.
• Use only approved sub vendors.

Air separation, a key process in industrial manufacturing for over 100 years, still remains integral to efficient operations.
Moreover, it grows even more significant today, as an increasing number of industries demand its products.
Various manufacturing processes require oxygen, nitrogen and argon gases from air separation.
Compressors used in the air separation process to produce the purified products.
Samsung can supply main air compressors, nitrogen or air boosters, cryogenic expanders, etc.

• MAC (Main Air Compressor),
• BAC (Booster Air Compressor),
• MNC ( Main Nitrogen Compressor),
• RNC (BNC, Recycle Nitrogen Compressor)
• Nitrogen Booster Compressor
• Cryogenic expander

Engineered Air-Cooled Compressor
Samsung Techwin, as a leader in energy equipment industry, can develop specialized products for certain applications. For severe climates, where supplying water to cool down the compressed air is not conceivable, water-cooled compressors cannot be utilized. Samsung Techwin alongside Siemens, Ingersoll Rand and … are the only air-cooled centrifugal compressor manufacturer all around the world. Havayar Industrial group as exclusive agent of Samsung Techwin in Middle East, with remarkable experiences in such conditions and oil & gas industries, is ready to meet clients’ requirements and supply engineered air-cooled compressors for almost any working condition.